We’ve built programs that
enrich the lives of every
student in our district

Our programs enable volunteers to support students in four key areas

Our mentorship programs:

1. Traditional K-12 Mentoring

Mentors meet for one hour a week with a student at school throughout the academic year to build a positive relationship and provide ongoing support.

2. College Mentoring

Mentors assist eligible FHS juniors and seniors with all aspects of the college admissions process. Students are typically first-generation with strong academic performance who need additional resources to attend a four-year college.

3. Academic Coaching

Mentors help students develop essential strategies such as time management and organizational skills.

4. Pathways Program

Mentors help students at risk of leaving school before graduation by providing much-needed career experience and social connection, as well as providing introductions to career information and community connections.

Our enrichment programs:

1. Classroom Help
Our volunteers provide a helping hand to teachers by working with students in the classroom.

2. Tutoring

Our volunteer tutors bring their expertise to students of all ages as they help them handle new coursework, reinforce concepts from the teacher, and provide general support over the academic year.

3. Cross-Age Science Teaching (CAST)

Falmouth 8th graders serve as peer teachers to 3rd graders in a hands-on program that brings the elementary science curriculum to life.

4. Small Group and 1:1 Instruction

Volunteers explore other opportunities to support students individually or in a group throughout the academic year to develop a deeper understanding of the curriculum and to explore classroom subjects in creative ways.

Our Financial Literacy Programs:

1. Junior Achievement

Volunteers help to facilitate a JA curriculum for elementary school students that will engage them in discussions on topics such as entrepreneurship, business in the community, and goal setting.

2. School Banking

Volunteers help students engage with the banking system through the help of our community partner, Martha’s Vineyard Bank.

3. Earn, Save, Grow

Volunteers lead classroom discussions with students to share their knowledge about important life skills, such as time and money management.

4. Money Talk$

Experts from the community share presentations share presentations on topics such as budgeting, credit and credit scores, taxes, loans, and early savings to students at the high school level.

Our Health & Wellness Programs:

1. Elementary Track Meet

Every year, Falmouth VIPS sponsors the elementary track meet for K-4 students.

2. Guest Speakers

Volunteers and community members are invited to share their expertise in subjects ranging from stress relief to physical fitness.

3. Calmer Choice

Our volunteers help to deliver mindfulness lessons to students through a partnership with Calmer Choice.

4. Community Partnerships

Other community partnership programs provide students with access to programs and activities aimed at improving their physical and mental health.

VIPS Moments

“I would not be where I am today
if it weren’t for my mentor and
the wonderful programs offered
by VIPS”

Arianna M.
UMass Dartmouth
FHS Class of ’22

Interested in contributing your time in one of these program areas?