Discover meaningful volunteer opportunities in Falmouth Public Schools

Falmouth VIPS provides enriching and easy-to-access volunteer opportunities that connect our community of talented volunteers with K-12 students.

Join a unique partnership uniting community and classrooms in Falmouth

The partnership model we’ve developed with schools in Falmouth is special. Our direct involvement in Falmouth Public Schools goes beyond any other volunteer organization in the region, and the culture it has created in our community is powerful.

Find enriching opportunities that work for you

At Falmouth VIPS, we offer diverse volunteer opportunities that allow our volunteers to choose an experience that works for them.

Whether it’s 1:1 mentoring, assisting students in the classroom, or simply speaking to a group of students, we have rewarding opportunities that will work for you.

Assist students in the classroom
Mentor a student
Tutor a student or small group of students

“VIPS is always open to innovative, relevant, and creative ideas that will lift up a student and make them see the gifts they possess and their possibilities. I love that they will work with community partners like Falmouth Human Services to create programming that supports students’ social emotional well-being.”

Suzie Hauptmann
Director, Falmouth Human Services

Help shape (and be shaped by) the next generation of our community

When our volunteers spend time with Falmouth students, they get the chance to share experiences, ideas, and perspectives that resonate beyond the classroom. At the same time, our volunteers can learn from the students, gaining empathy and compassion.